Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Let's Talk Vintage Thank you & Exciting Antique Ventures

First, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to the bloggers who helped me with my first day of a new linky party called "Let's Talk Vintage!"

If you are interested in linking up with me next time feel free to grab my button on my side bar or here below:

1. Then on Tuesday at 9 AM (Eastern time) link up your blog posts, shop items, or whatever you are working on that has to do with vintage. (Anything 1980's or before.)

2. So far there is no limit on how many times you can link per week. I'll have to take this one week at a time and see how many participate!

3. Simply link back to me if you have a blog post and we can help each other out by doing so.

And now I have more exciting ventures to tell you about. I'm going to be taking part in an antique show in our local area of Lancaster County, which is most often known as "Amish Country."

I'm starting out small and only getting a one table booth but if it turns out well I plan on expanding next year. It is a three day show and I am getting excited about what to bring and how to make my display.

The first night of the show, which is a Friday, includes an "Early Buyers Wine & Cheese Social." While it is not a "black tie event" I am definitely going to try and dress UP. Wear some of my vintage jewelry and see how it goes!

More details to come! I'll be pinning on Pinterest for great ideas ... follow along with me there or also on Instagram for updates.

But before that even happens I have other stuff planned! (It is great being busy but I'm starting to feel the pressure!)

First I am helping Bebe's school with another event... where they want ME to decorate their donor dinner. I love it because I get to infuse some of my vintage pieces. I think they love it because they never know what I am going to bring! ( I usually don't either until the last minute)

This event has a "American Constitution" theme. I'm thinking parchment paper, an "old" copy of our famous documents (a visit to the graphics fairy, perhaps?), a quill "pen," wooden crates, lanterns, and definitely cheer for some red, white, and blue.

Then the same day, my Mother is coming into town.  I'll be sure to pre-write and schedule my second "Let's Talk Vintage" post because it is on the same day too!

I'll be back soon... Enjoy your day!

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AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Looking forward to the next party! Is there a code for your button? I think I need that to put it on my sidebar in Blogger....