Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Let's Talk Vintage #4: Beautiful Booth Displays at the Antique Show

Welcome to "Let's Talk Vintage!" This is where you get to share your current vintage repurpose projects, your collections, your latest finds, even what you're selling... you can link up here!

Today I'm going to share some gorgeous antique dealer booths from the antique show I just did this past weekend. So, grab your cuppa and enjoy!

This was the booth directly across from mine.
Bebe saw the green parasol and just loved it!
The sweet dealer, Olga, gave me a great price and now
someone is going to get a big surprise at Christmas!

I just loved this booth. Gorgeous! Very French,
feminine and chic. The dealer, Laura, had an eye for
beautiful things! I loved just about everything in it.

This booth was filled with all things
Christmas and holidays. It was well
done and I found out from the dealer
that it was her first time doing a show!
I was impressed. I hope she does
another... who doesn't love vintage
Christmas items?

Now this booth was a joint effort of
dealers from the Brandywine, PA area.
Very high end antiques. I didn't even
look at the price tag on this set of china.
Amazing, though isn't it? You just don't
find this type of thing everyday.
Their booth was very well done!

This dealer was all about jewelry!
My jaw dropped open.
The cases are FILLED to the BRIM.
It was almost overwhelming...
but what a great collection.

This was another booth with dealers
from the outskirts of Philadelphia.
Loved this horse painting.
Didn't look at the price of this one, either!

And I thought this display shelf idea
was awesome! Really cool!
The whole booth was "Adirondacky"
if that is okay to make up my own word.
Everything was woodsy, cabin'ish...
with fishing creels, decoys, etc.
Really neat.

And now it is time for the link party!
Here is a peek at what other bloggers shared last week:

Joyce, at the Quilted Nest, shared this
gorgeous burgundy velvet jewelry box...

And Betsy at My Salvaged Treasures shared this set of scales.
How perfect is the color of the kitchen scale right now?

shared this awesome old feedbag
from her garage sale hunt. She had to
climb a ladder to remove it from a wall!

This is my fourth week and I'm having a ton of fun with it.
I just love what you are linking up!
Now it is your turn:


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm so happy to be here for your fun party this week! I love vintage and it's fun to see what everyone else is posting! Enjoy your day my friend and thanks! Hugs, Diane

Diana said...

What a great show--are we going to get to see your booth?! Thanks for featuring my feed bag this week and for throwing the party :)

Debbi said...

Jillian--I am going to share this linky party over on the Embracing Cottage Style facebook page today! Also will put it in our online newsletter on EmbracingCottageStyle.com--wish I had something to share this week here--I have been a baaaddd blogger this year :( Looking forward to the next one tho :)

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Thanks so much for the fun party, and thank you for featuring my pumpkin orange scale:-)

Victoria said...

Love all the booths and I think yours was just as beautiful from what I saw on IG:)

Your linky party looks like so much fun! Since my blog's private right now I won't bother linking up but when I do decide to open it back up, I'll definitely have to join in!

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

So glad to join your party! Thanks for sharing all these pretties.

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

thanks so much for the sweet feature! I couldn't get a post done today..... :( Sad.... But may still get added to it... we'll see.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Hi Jillian, I felt good enough to link up. Needed to get out of bed for a while. lol! Loved seeing the booths. The Christmas one was awesome and I love Betsy's scales! Thanks for hosting.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Thanks so much for hosting...happy to be here this week.