Monday, January 28, 2008

A Very Bella Winner!

First I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to all the very BELLA gals who participated in my very first GIVEAWAY! It was tons of fun... the wheels are already turning about what to do for the next one.

Here is the vintage hat I put all of the names in...I was thrilled with how many entries there were for my first time doing this.

My Dear Husband reached in (he wouldn't admit this but he enjoyed taking part) and pulled out a name...

The winner of "A VERY BELLA GIVEAWAY".....the envelope please.....










CONGRATULATIONS, Carol of Sassafras & Lulu. You won! You won! You won!

I'll just need your information to send out the BELLA glittery banner. It will be sad to see it has been hanging in my office all this time. But I'm glad it's going to a great home! Please send me an email with the details.

Here are all of the entries...the scissors were flying on this one. Next time I might just assign random numbers but taking photos of the entries is a lot more fun. And the hat. Oh ESPECIALLY the hat! How often do you get to have a drawing out of a vintage hat?

This is why blogging is so much fun! I hope you have enjoyed this too....thanks again for all of your wonderful comments, thoughts, and support. Keep me in mind and stop back soon as more details unfold about the new website, Bella Rosa Antiques. (I'll probably have another giveway to announce the unveiling!)

Have a very BELLA day!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Update on New Website!

It is not the sounds of silence you hear...well, ok, maybe it is "The Rose" playing on my blog that you hear....but right about now you can imagine the sweet sounds of "construction!" Hammering, sawing, you get the picture. I will be seeing my first glimpses of Bella Rosa Antiques... as Arlene of Retro Boutiques works on samples for me (or as they say in the graphics world "mockups.") How exciting!

Currently I am working on building some inventory which is also exciting. I now have a fresh new "eye" when I go to local auctions. I ask myself before bidding ..."Is this Bella Rosa?" And if I think it is definitely a "YES!" then I will bid bid bid and make sure I bring the item to you!

Lots of fun and I look forward to the new venture. There's lots to plan...I'd better get going!

By the way, "A VERY BELLA GIVEAWAY" ends this weekend....January 27th at midnight. To enter just leave me a comment here on my blog, and I'll enter you in for the drawing...if selected you'll win the BELLA glitter garland seen below! Have fun!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Bella Rosa Antiques ~ The NEW Blog!

While the new website for Bella Rosa Antiques is under construction...I decided it's never too early to lay the foundation. Tonight, Bella Rosa Antiques, The Blog, is born! Thanks to such wonderful response to the name by some very bella bloggers! I am in awe of all the talent and creativity out there...and I am honored to chat with all of you. Mille Grazie! (A thousand thank you's!)

Currently we have "A VERY BELLA GIVEAWAY" going on right now until January 27th. Just leave me a comment here or click on over to "Jillian's Pages" where the giveaway started, to enter.

You'll win this pretty silver "BELLA" glittering garland...

It's a great reason to celebrate something I've wanted to do for a long time, launch a virtual store for one of my passions, antiques!

This should be a very fun experience...both in learning lots of new things and meeting lots of great people!

And for now, buona notte...