Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Is Near: A Sneak Peek at Our Seasonal Finds

What can I say? It is a lot of fun looking for vintage inventory.

It hardly feels like work!

I'm also having fun grouping some of them into a "summery" category.

From an antique book on lakes and mountains, to tall depression era stemware (perfect for lemonade on the porch), to Atlantic City souvenirs.... there is much fun to be had here!

I've even added some vintage horse shoes for outdoor summer activities. I do have to say I was going to keep some of these ... but it is also fun to find good homes for them!

I'm also adding a touch of pink for today's post:

A vintage Francie Barbie doll!

Wearing pink! If my sister is reading this, she will remember our summer days playing Barbies! What fun!

Enjoy your weekend... I'm linking this smattering of summer fun with Pink Saturday. In the meantime, I will be working on getting these (and more) vintage pieces listed in my shop. I've already listed a few here.

~ Jillian

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Great Place to Get Away and Find Vintage

A short getaway to the mountains.
We relaxed.
We worked.
We also found vintage.

We just love our trips to the lake.
It was a long winter and spring wasn't that springy.
Great sunsets and views are the cure!
And while we were in the mountains we did some
inventory shopping.
Here is an old tray we found:

I will, of course, be back with more to share.
This is just ONE of the many awesome
pieces we found on our trip.
Today I am helping with Kindergarten
graduation. Can you believe it?
Bebe is moving on up!
I'm also behind in messages and
orders.... I will get to them today.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
And speaking of...
I'm linking with "What's It Wednesday"
at Ivy and Elephants.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pink Stuff, Vintage Stuff, I Love it ALL

Last weekend we were visiting the Jersey Shore ... and shopping for inventory. This week I have been so busy with field trips, family matters, and getting ready for Memorial Day that I have not had the time to devote to my new finds or my blog.

So here I am, late in the evening, last minute orders are packed, chores finished, and have nothing planned in my head for the blog.

That's when I pull the picture I took this past week at the Hershey Park Zoo of two pink spoonbills out of my bag of tricks!

That and this really cool print I found (at the Jersey Shore, not at the zoo!)...  I think this is a definite keeper!

Is this pretty or what?

I'd also like to wish Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound a very happy PINK SATURDAY anniversary! Six years of getting pink fans together. That's amazing!

Enjoy your weekend! I hope to be back with a Memorial Day post....

Happy antiquing!


Monday, May 19, 2014

There's No Place Like the Seashore

We took a detour from our regular life
to get away to the Jersey Shore.
The BEACH... as we like to say.
Others know it as going
"Down the Shore."
But whatever you call it,
there is no other place like it.
Here is a shot I took with my phone...
then changed the coloring a little bit
with Instagram.
So far so good  with Instagram by the way.
I'm trying! I did notice I mostly post
on there about food.
What does that say about me?
We enjoyed our hotel stay along the
beach... especially because it
came with free coupons and samples
of the local pizza place, taffy store,
boardwalk popcorn, famous sticky
buns and more! What's not to love?
The taffy above came from this
oldie but goodie candy store:



We also did a little treasure hunting.
Shells, rocks, and hey, why not
.... vintage stuff, too!
I'll be back later on...
The next few days are going
to be very busy ... lots of
home activities going on.
I still have some catching up
to do with getting back to
so many nice comments bloggers
left about our anniversary.
So sweet! My heart was touched
with each and every one.
Thank you.
ENJOY your week!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ten Years Ago

Can it be?
We celebrate ten years of marriage this month.
Think I looked a little nervous in the photo above?
Just look at those white knuckles...

It really was a beautiful day.
Very HOT... for a Saturday in May.
For our reception, we were outside the
antique mall where we had shared a space.
It was a lovely setting, a great day with
friends and family.
As my vintage engagement ring reads...
"Together Forever"
Whenever we combine our talents we
accomplish great things...
Praying for as many blessings in the next ten
years as we've had in the first.
Happy Anniversary, Honey!

Linking to
Pink Saturday

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

To Market, To Market We Go! Check Out This Week's Treasures!

Today Bebe and I are heading out to our local
flea... they have it every Tuesday
in late spring, summer, and early fall.
But before we do, I wanted to join up with
a couple of market place link parties and
share my newest arrivals:
An art deco sterling silver initial pin.

Florentine girl

A Brother's Grimm Fairy Tale book, in German!

Hankie holder or maybe for jewelry
when traveling...

Vintage Les Bernard pearls
with a sterling clasp.

Very pretty oyster plate

This shoe was in my booth... after we
moved out last month, I
did a little "repurposing" and turned
it into a pin cushion

Love these shoe stretchers as
home décor!

Antique silver plate
hand mirror and brush

Antique milk glass trinket box
and vintage baubles

Pretty art work on the front
of this antique Waverly Novel:
"Count Robert of Paris"

and last but not least the
I'll be back with any fun
treasures we find...

**** UPDATE****

We are back from the market..

turns out we only bought food
at the farmer's market side!

Another day for
vintage finds. Such is the life
with a five year old!
There are many, many
more years when I can
look for treasures...
but where else can you
spend a sunny afternoon
with your Sweet Pea?

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Fresh From the Weekend Hunt & I Forgot About The Craziness When I Go to Estate & Yard Sales

Well, I did it. I got up early with the Hubs this past weekend and went to yard sales and estate sales. (New listings can be found here.)

Always an adventure!

I forgot what it was like, it had been so long.

I forgot there is always something interesting that happens when we go.

We witnessed a fender bender (someone was rubber necking the sale in a drive by, instead of looking where she was going and hit the whole front corner of another attendee's bumper.) That kind of sent a damper on the sale. People started walking away from the sale and got in their cars!

Then because of the fender bender, the hubs was trying to park better at another sale and not be sticking out so much into the street, a lady came out and yelled at me as I got back into the car. Like, she was looking at me with daggers. Really? There are so many more things in life to get angry about.
I apologized and we went on our way. What else could I do?

Anyway, good times, eh?

 No seriously, I had fun and it was something we enjoy doing together... look at my great finds!  Not sure which is my favorite... the scale, the shoe stretchers or the ball jars. And the china too. It is hard to decide. I really wanted to keep the ball jars. I always want to keep something! Sigh!

I've just listed my new arrivals from last week, remember we closed our booth, so there are a few goodies from the antique mall...and I just added in a few of the most recent finds from this weekend. Check out everything here.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, May 9, 2014

NEW Arrivals! Vintage "Flea" Market Prices and Unique Items You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

This week I'm rolling out some oldies but goodies. Antique books, jewelry, figurines, fans, postcards, and prints, just to name a few, all with great prices.

I'm also offering some unique pieces you just won't find anywhere else such as the burgundy antique photo album with many of the cabinet cards and tin type photos inside!

I'm also slowly bringing out some of my summertime items!
Check out everything, here.
Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Vintage Sneak Peek at What I'm Listing This Week

Just catching up with vintage finds for the shop...
May seems to have taken me by surprise.
We had Bebe's dance recital, and I have no
idea where the rest of the time went.
Plus, It is still too cold for my taste!
Enjoying the sun and warmth when I can!
Anyway, lots of vintage finds to check out below:
These are a few "sneak peeks" into what I'm listing this week!
Vintage fans, a shoe pin cushion, framed graphic art, ephemera,
vintage jewelry, books...

A Brother's Grimm book in German... a rare find. Then how about a James Salt Water Taffy box from Atlantic City. Fun for summer décor!

I have a few avenues to choose in which to sell my wares...
Bella Rosa, Bella Rosa on Etsy, Ebay, or maybe even my newest Etsy shop, "Antique Retroactive", where I sell mostly retro items from the 50's thru the 80's.

Love these old antique covers. Works of art, I always say!
Stay tuned and be sure there is much, much more in store!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day Ideas: Goebel Figurine, Chocolate Pot, Pitchers and More ... This Post Gets You 25% Off

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I wanted to share a few vintage treasures that are in my shop, perfect for gift giving. (Plus if you read the whole post, you'll see a special sale!)

Priced right, why not treat yourself?

First there is this beauty:

A Goebel figurine of a mother and child.
It is actually called "Mother Embraces Child"
From 1959

Wonderful detail.
We also have:
A lovely embossed chocolate pot
A beautiful centerpiece for your china cabinet!
And the pretty tall rose pitcher below
would be the perfect gift when it
is filled with pink roses or peonies:
Just the right piece for your vintage,
Victorian, or Cottage Décor.
And last but not least, a budget friendly

Sweet,  petite rose teapot...
Mention this Mother's Day post
and receive 25% off
until May 14, 2014!
Enjoy your day!
Linking with Market Monday
at Etsy Cottage Style
at The Common Ground.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

When You Take A Closer Look: An Interactive Story Telling Post

Recently I came across a vintage photo
album with some pictures in it.
Old black and white photos fascinate me.
It is the only way to see back in time.
What people were wearing.
What they were doing.

I decided to take a closer look. Most old photos
are small, and you can't see much detail.
Modern technology allows us to zoom in so close
.... I feel like I am almost there.

What stories could they tell?

My favorite is the photo in the middle with the man and woman holding hands.

I'd love to know more!

But I will be happy with just taking a closer look.

Feel free to leave a "mini story" in the comments section about any of the three photos above!

I'll start the first one!

Linking to Pink Saturday even though they are black and white.

I just know Berta has some pink in that pretty dress she is wearing.
(Read my comment below to hear more about "Berta!")