Monday, September 30, 2013

Just In Case...

Just in case you think all I do
is look for vintage stuff...
(By the way, that is a frog prince jumping into
 the water to save the Wonderland Princess)

I also like to do fun stuff too!
We had tickets to an area amusement
park that we had to use or lose the
money invested in them.
What a gorgeous day we had
for it...perfect temps. It was
ALMOST as if we had planned it.
We generally don't plan
much of anything!
The hubs is not a planner.
Me, on the other hand, I like
to "put it on the calendar!"
But this fun afternoon with
our sweet Bebe was great!
As we say goodbye to September,
we look forward to good things to
come in October, November,
and December.
And I have almost finished listing
my latest finds (see, I did have to
add something about vintage stuff here...) on
Did I mention...almost?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fallin' for Apple Pickin' and A Sneak Peek at New Arrivals

We're off to a great start
this fall:
Picking Apples
Decorating for Fall
Making new friends
We are truly blessed. 
Taking photos today
of new arrivals

Should have them
ready by the middle
of next week.

Stay tuned!

Here is a sneak peek:

You'll notice there is one
pink feather fan that stands out
of the crowd of blue!

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Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Step Back In Time to an Old General Store Filled with Antiques!

The day after our big carnival
party, my Mom and I decided
to spend the afternoon 
at an old time village.
This one had an awesome
general store filled with antiques.

There was something everywhere
we looked. From fabric to biscuit
boxes to old dishware to
fancy ladies accessories.

I couldn't stop taking pictures.
To find these things now, ah!
This little historic village
had quite the collection.

Just look at this antique
dress form, spool cabinet
and ribbon display.
Not to mention the
neat hat holders with hats!
And this sweet gentleman
had seen us peeking in the windows
and asked us if we wanted to go
inside to have a better look.
SO glad he did!
What a treat it was!
A small act of kindness
became one of our
 blessings to count that day.
Our other blessing was to
see them setting up for a
country themed wedding.
Then we came upon a creatively
made directional sign:
"This way to the
I DO's and the Kiss!"
Made out of yard sticks
and rulers...
The reception to be held
in this yellow barn.
What fun it was to step
back in time...a great
way to kick off Fall!
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blog Shop: A Few of My Favorite Things

Joining up this week with
Blog Shop and sharing
some of my favorites
Shop from the comfort
of home... maybe
something for you....
or for a Christmas gift.

There are a few holidays
ahead... how about a nice
shiny serving piece?

What I like about antiques...
you just never know what
you will find...

And you can be sure to
find unique pieces
Because, well, they just
don't make 'em like
that anymore!

Some may bring back
sweet memories...
And some may help
you start new ones...
This stunning vintage
crystal necklace
will make great
conversation at
your next party
or family gathering...
 Or, some are just simply
too charming to pass up.
Enjoy your time blog shopping...there's more

Monday, September 23, 2013

Carnival Party Success!

What a great time we had
at our birthday carnival party!

There are so many people
to thank for all of their
hard work. I could not have
done this by myself.
For instance, this ticket booth!
My Dear Hubs made it
using dumpster diving skills-
pulling plywood from the trash!
Even more amazing,
he whipped it together
the day before the party.

We used our canopy from the flea market
and created a concessions stand.

We had cupcakes and
ice cream, party hats ...
Games of all kinds

Penny Candy too!
(Note the chalkware puppy in the middle....
he was an actual carnival prize a long time ago!)
A prize table filled
with monkeys, gumball
machines, puzzles,
ribbon wands and more!
A big success and my favorite
part was the dance "zone!"
Do you remember
doing the hokey pokey,
the chicken dance, and the limbo?
If I couldn't remember how to
do them before, I sure remember now.
What fun!
Now, back to my regularly
scheduled life.
After a much needed rest!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Step Right Up! It's Carnival Time!

Just a few days away...
My first carnival!
We have our tickets.
Hot dogs.
Games are being prepped.
Prizes are packed
and ready to be won!

And yes, I've been
painting signs every
night... no Graphics Fairy
for me! All hand painted.
It gives the signs a
great, kid-like quality.
Step right up! It's carnival time!

I'll be back with
pictures of our fun day...
Can't believe my
little Sweet Pea is
turning 5!
Have a great week!

Monday, September 16, 2013

What is it about old books?

I just love old books.
Is it the look?
The feel?
The smell?
They look great
in a stack...
The old gilded
bindings are always artistic
And even the plain linen
covers have character...

Some books even
have the author's
picture illustrated inside...

Some have gorgeous

While others have
great content

Like a vintage garden book.

This one is about
homemade cookies.

I even like to see
the old handwriting
in pencil...
sometimes a doodle
or a name.
My favorites are the
 sweet sentiments written
by the giver of the book
to the recipient.

This book is really decorated.
Makes you just want to open
it, doesn't it?

Often you will see
that I use books in
my displays.

Or maybe just one
other little vintage
gadget will give
the book a little

Like a pair of old
reading glasses.

This book doesn't need a thing.
Sometimes you'll find
the cover with a paper
This one is stunning.
Another beauty.

Another sweet surprise is to find
a flower or clover, pressed inside.
Makes me wonder what the person's
day was like...was it a sunshiney day,
with not a cloud in the sky?
Or maybe it was a gift from a
special friend or loved one...
What do you like about old books?

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Arrivals for Bella Rosa Antiques!

"Hot off the Press" and Freshly listed:
Click here to go to
French Vanity Tray
Satin Glove Box
Fur Collar
Chippendale Serving Bowl
Vintage French Dictionary
Vintage Cookie Cookbook
Hollycraft Necklace
Aurora Borealis Wreath Brooch

And also:

English Horseback Riding Cap
Art Deco Vase
Porcelain Flowers
Antique Condensed Milk Jar
Pink Rose Teapot
Vintage Trims, Ribbon, Seam Binding
Victorian Calling Cards, Die Cuts
Small Still Life Painting

Please contact me if you have any questions or need a special invoice created,
just for you.

Have a great day!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend "Tresors" From Around the Lake

What a great weekend!
A trip to the lake, beautiful weather,
getting out some fall clothes,
and an antique hunting day...
who could ask for more?
Here is a sneak peek at the
treasures we found
around the lake:

A few goodies from a
local thrift shop, and as
luck would have it,
we happened upon an
estate sale.
Unfortunately we
arrived 45 minutes
late. I walked by a long
line of folks waiting to pay
for their haul...their arms
loaded, boxes brimming.
But there were
still some goodies
to be found!
It was a big, beautiful
house along one of the
lakes in upstate New York.
I came home with
three original paintings and
two vintage character
pen and ink (or watercolor)
pieces. Will show
a picture as soon as I
figure out what they are!
Plus, silver serving pieces,
figurines, an Asian
marble statue,
great great antique
books (some of my favorite
things to buy,) some china,
a sewing stand,
glassware, a fur collar
 and a coat! 
These will be added
to the new "tresors" I
found while selling
in Pennsylvania.
Stay tuned and
enjoy the day!
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