Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blog Shop: A Few of My Favorite Things

Joining up this week with
Blog Shop and sharing
some of my favorites
Shop from the comfort
of home... maybe
something for you....
or for a Christmas gift.

There are a few holidays
ahead... how about a nice
shiny serving piece?

What I like about antiques...
you just never know what
you will find...

And you can be sure to
find unique pieces
Because, well, they just
don't make 'em like
that anymore!

Some may bring back
sweet memories...
And some may help
you start new ones...
This stunning vintage
crystal necklace
will make great
conversation at
your next party
or family gathering...
 Or, some are just simply
too charming to pass up.
Enjoy your time blog shopping...there's more

1 comment:

Beverly said...

Jill, I love what you have done here. Thank you for your support.

I have a plan to try to market for the holidays, too.