Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Scenes From An Outdoor Market: Acorn Bombs and Sand Buckets

The day finally arrived!
The day of our outdoor
antique ...uh...
"Flea" market.
Many thought it was
going to be the
market that never was...
We woke up to a
thundering monsoon.
Down pouring rain.
But an hour later, we were in the park
setting up shop.
It actually got really hot.

So, due to the rain, we arrived late.
Which caused a bit of a panic
for the hubs and I as many
of the dealers were all
 trying to get into their
spaces at the same time.
Spaces that did not
seem to have enough
space...for the space.
Stay with me people
Getting loopy here...
I've been up since
3:45 am....

We even had an "incident."
Not an accident, an incident.
In his haste my dear dear
hubs backed into another dealer's
display piece. A bucket of
sand. You would have thought
he had run over her mother
the way she was shouting and
Anyway, after that we
were a little bit off kilter.

I managed to set up somewhat
of an organized space.

Industrial stuff did not sell well.
I can't figure it out.
Wrong area?
Wrong venue!
I also learned that
while oak trees provide
nice shade, the gigantic
acorns they produced
this year sounded
like bombs dropping
from airplanes.
Onto our tent, van,
and sometimes the china.
Sending the people
close to our booth
into a "what WAS THAT?"
frenzy. I admit, it was
making me a little jumpy too.
All I can say is ...
good thing we invested
in the canopy!
So to calm the nerves,
 I managed to fit in a quick
shopping spree for more
Bella inventory.
There is always the
thrill of finding more!
Am I crazy or what?
Here's hoping you
were thinking "WHAT!"
Of course she's not
crazy, sitting outside
under a bomb dropping
oak tree in 90 degree
weather...it is always
a reason to shop for more!
So you see?
I'm not crazy.
Just crazy for vintage.
Today was definitely
a learning experience.
Met a lot of nice
people... picked up
a few ideas... who knows?
I might even do it
again next year.
For now.... stay tuned for
my latest finds!


Victorian1885 said...

Well Jillian it sounds like a very interesting day! I can't wait to see your new treasures. Enjoy your week.


AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

When the going gets tough, the tough go thrifting! Can't wait to see your finds......did I see a bunch of vintage bracelets in that picture?!