Saturday, February 21, 2015

It was C. O. L. D.

We went on a mini vacation last weekend.

I have one word for it.


This is the deck at our lake house
in the Adirondacks.
That tiny figure in the middle of the
photo is my hubby.
He was walking on the lake
which was covered in a couple feet
of snow. What was he doing
out there, you ask?
Checking to see where the
snowmobile tracks were.
This is how it looked the next day.
Frozen Tundra.
Not my kind of fun.
So what was I doing?
Scrapbooking with my Sweet Bebe!
I came prepared, baby.
So, no fun antique trips
or special finds.

At least, not here.
Stay tuned for my next
Let's Talk Vintage on Tuesday
to see what I found in my own
vintage stash!
Have a great weekend and stay
safe! Stay warm!
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Victorian1885 said...

Wow I bet you were cold... that is allot of snow. When we started coming South for the winter I thought I would miss the snow but I was wrong... ; )
I am sure you are now dreaming of returning to your lovely bakehouse in the Spring. Take care...

LV said...

No way would I get out in that kind of snow. I would enjoy a good book next to a heater.

Rue said...

Brrr.... It really does look cold out there!


bj said...

Ummm...I would be drinking flavored coffee..eating...baking...blogging...eating...reading...all kinds of things other than even sticking my nose out that door....brrrrrr

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

May be cold but looks cozy. I love to stay in at places like that and just read, or eat or do what you did!