Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sneak Peek for the Week: Royal Doulton Meets Rusty Metal

Every week can't be all about roses,
can it? Well, maybe but I have
decided to mix it up a little.
Antique calipers.
Old wooden bins.

And what better mix than to add
a rose posey for a bold

I'm selling these beautiful rhinestone
hat pins with this very tall
hat pin holder. I've been holding
onto them for my own collection...
It is so hard not to keep everything!

Plus a pretty Vienna Art Plate
and some gold accent mirrors
in various sizes and designs.
There are more vintage
goodies in store:
Beautiful rose and pansy
postcards,  vintage pink baby items,
placecards, feather plumes and
flapper girl dress trimmings,
hat pins, holders,
and pink lustre...
just to name a few.
Stay tuned.... I'll be back to
announce when they're up
Enjoy the day!
PS...Just wanted to mention this vintage
box of great old ornies is available again.
The buyer decided not to get them as shipping
to Australia is much higher than the item itself!
So, they are here, if you like good
'ol shiny brites and mercury glass
style ornaments!

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