Friday, August 9, 2013

Spinning Plates!

Another week has gone by.
Where does my time go?
Up in the air?
I dunno...
I have so many projects
going on at once
it feels as though
I'm back in the newsroom
at the TV station
juggling all of my plates
in the air.
Let's see:
I've got Mama projects,
an upcoming 5th birthday party,
I'm the menu planner,
house hold clean up service,
an office redo...
(as you can see the desk is
NOT painted yet)
and antique show!

I'm spreading my wings
and getting out there
in the public... in the market,
I should say, to sell sell sell.

Getting a little crafty
(a new office layout
inspired me)
and making my tags.
They are not fancy by
a long shot...but they
are full of great branding.
Definitely the marketing
and advertising producer
coming out in me.
I'll keep you posted ...
will I drop any of the plates
I'm spinning?
Let's hope they
are not antique.
Linking up with PINK SATURDAY!
I'm so excited my post last week
was highlighted by Beverly
over at How Sweet the Sound.
SHE is the sweetest!


Susie Jefferson said...

I love the tags, what a brilliant shape. Just that bit more unusual. Great marketing idea! Happy Pink Saturday.

Katherines Corner said...

the tags are terrific. I know time goes by in a blink. Hugs!