Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vintage Inspiration

Sometimes we all need inspiration, don't we?
When I need a little dose,
I just go to the antique mall
where I have a space.

 The owner of the mall
has a great talent and
an eye for what goes
But there is something
else that I can't describe.
She just has "it."
This deep red colored
booth above, is hers.

Then there is this sweet
lady who puts together
this adorable booth.
She mixes in some things
that she has repurposed
or crafted....and it all
blends so well you have
to really look close to
see what is original
and what isn't.

I love it!

Look at the cute
miniature house...
the FLOWERS sign.
Inspires me!

She just casually
lays her items here
and there.

And it looks like it is
right out of someone's home.
This is a painting by
the owner of the mall.
She has been into
painting the past several
years and she is getting really good!
Look at these cracked eggs!
I always sneak
back to this booth...
find goodies in here
on occasion.

A lot of her stuff happen
to like... like this little
set of mantel books.

I just like to look
around at all of them,
You just never know what
you're going to find.
But you will always
find inspiration.
What inspires you?


Cranberry Morning said...

It's always fun to visit and get ideas! I love seeing how other people put things together.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

This post inspires me to go off thrifting again!! Thanks for sharing...I envy you having this close by and to be part of it!