Thursday, October 3, 2013

French Wine Crate, French Books, Ephemera and New Arrivals!

Where do I begin
to show you our latest arrivals?
Usually I start with my most
favorite item...and that is
this awesome French wine crate:

Really forcing myself
not to decorate my office with it!
This lovely crown
brooch is already gone!
SOLD, just like that.
Still really like it though....
they are hard to come by.
This Jaeger & Co plate
was actually from
my Grandparent's collection.
They had run their own antiques
and books store in Florida.
Part of me really enjoys the
fact I have the "antique bug"
and have kept their passion
for vintage going.
Two styles of
for a nursery or
child's room.
So cute!

There is something about
this Indian doll that is
very appealing to me.
And well, she is wearing
pink... my favorite color!

A lovely marcasite and
aurora borealis rhinestone
brooch. This was a purchase
from my Mother in Law.

She is like one of my
"Pickers" so to speak!
I don't even think she
mind if I wrote that!
(Let's hope! Tee hee! Hi Mom!)

Any vintage book with
a very cool illustration
on the cover like 
 Mary here, has my eye

This pink "pearl" set would
look stunning with a denim shirt,
blouse, sweater or suit!
Maybe no one will buy it!
Because I like it.

Now when was the last
time you saw a seahorse
with "pearl" bubbles?
Me neither!

Imagine this silver plated
compote piled high
with ornaments, candy,
cookies, or even brooches!
Soaps in the bathroom!
Bangles and beads...
You name it...
I even like the idea of
using it to hold
your daily makeup items...

Also from my Mother in Law,
a beautiful bone china
She says the flowers
are snap dragons.
I wouldn't even know
what a snap dragon was!
This is why I have my
MIL to help me.
I went to school for radio
and TV. I can edit and produce
a video but succeed in a garden?

Forget it!
And another favorite of
mine this week is this
It comes with the original
owners METRO guide / map
with the Eiffel tower on the
front ....and her ticket!
Go ahead, check out
the rest, here!
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AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I love your new items especially the crown that is already sold! I have a thing for crowns now since I dubbed myself Queen of Everything when I turned 50! Hopefully everything else sells quickly too!

LV said...

Always fun to visit and see what interesting things you have to share. said...

Jillian, you NEED to keep that wine crate ;-) Rachael xo

Tea in the Library said...

I'm drooling! Visiting from Ivy & Elephants this a.m.!