Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vintage Finds of the Week #12

Welcome to my
Vintage Finds of the Week!
This week I'm playing catch up... as in the days are going by faster than I can keep up with the incoming inventory! With Bebe home from school I feel like I am juggling....back and forth between "Work at Home Mom" and "Hey Let's Have Fun, Mom!" The let's have fun Mom is winning!
I did manage to get a few pictures taken.
For my Bella Rosa shops I fell
in love with this beautiful set
of  mother of pearl
opera glasses, marked Paris.
I also picked up some
Paris prints...
(Eiffel Tower, too, yay!)
... but alas, no photos yet.
And although it is hard to tell, this is a very
small set of stocking or sock stretchers.
Probably for a toddler or baby.
The original price is still written
there in pencil ... 25 cents!
And here is what I found this week
for my other Etsy shops:

This bright and cheery vintage Coca-Cola "soda machine"
is something kids would have played with, pretending to have their own soda shop. I would have loved it!
The trick is to place a coke bottle inside.
When the handle is pulled down, it tips
the soda bottle which then "pours" out of the small
spout and fills the cup. So cute!
I had a "Snoopy Snow Cone Machine,"
which thrilled the little
entrepreneur in me at age 5!

My dear Hubby picked this up and I almost
didn't share it with you ... E.T. was a hit
in the 80's after all, but he looks a bit
goofy on my Bella Rosa page.
I placed him in my Hubby's etsy shop.
He talks and says "Home"...

And while we are
sharing 80's stuff....
This was a fun find...
 I remember how
cool it was to have a
I must have priced
it too low because it sold
a day after I listed it
on Etsy for $59.00.
It may have been
a rare style that was
not sold in the U.S. 
I always learn
from my mistakes! 
And I decided to go for it and sell this great
Campfire Marshmallows tin.
It was featured this week for the
How cool was that?
And I was inspired to create
a suitcase stack when my
hubby brought home the larger
suitcase at the bottom.
I loved it so much I am using
it in our newly remodeled
basement "living area" space
where we have family movie
night. Great for storage!
Hope you enjoyed my
sampling of vintage finds!
I'd love to hear about
your favorite find of the week.
Drop me a line if you have time!

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Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

oooh - love the suitcase stack. Especially the middle suitcase. Interesting finds this week for you!