Wednesday, July 2, 2008

LuRay Pastels - Great Conversation Pieces!

Recently I received a note from a fellow LuRay collector through my website, Bella Rosa Antiques. Not only was I thrilled she contacted me, I was even more thrilled to chat about my FAVORITE dinnerware! She was interested in finding a book on the history of the dishes. I pointed her to this book:

Collector's Guide to T. S. & T LuRay Pastels by Bill and Kathy Meehan. It is available on Alibris, Amazon, and also on Ebay. A bit pricier than when I first bought it in 1994, but I love the book.

While I was emailing her back, she took the initiative (which I greatly admire) to do some research on her own. From the information I had provided on my blog when I wrote about the history
HERE, she called the Chester, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce. They in turn, hooked her up with some more great information, which I wanted to pass along to you.

They told her about the
Ceramic Museum in East Liverpool, Ohio, just across the river from Chester. I've never been to this museum but I am very interested in visiting it now. The museum's website has several links on it and one links to a web page of Ohio River Pottery. On there I saw another book which has some information about LuRay.

She was also interested in finding out where I found my LuRay "store sign," in the picture below. The Chamber of Commerce hooked her up again with an antique mall in the area that actually had one! The last time we chatted, they were going to get back with her on a price. I found mine on ebay, although mine is a commemorative piece, and not an actual vintage store sign. I think I paid 15.00 plus shipping.

So, not only did I get to have a great conversation with a fellow LuRay collector, I found some more great information I did not know before. She also mentioned a gal at the museum who makes magnets...although I'm not completely clear if they are LuRay magnets. If they are, I am definitely going to inquire about them!

Drop me a line if you have any questions about LuRay, or if you'd like to send a photo or a story about your collection, I could post it for you.

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