Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Hunting We Will Go...A Hunting We Will Go...

Today I made a quick trip over to a local antique mall looking for a few "new" pieces to add to my inventory.

I told myself it would just be a short visit... just to look for some Paris postcards and maybe some jewelry.

I found the French postcards...

And some rose postcards...

Even though I had said my visit would be SHORT...I still hoped to find some vintage Christmas ornaments. I did not. (All of these pictures I am showing are of old inventory because I haven't had a chance to take photos yet. )

And I found some other unique items I'm excited about like a few books on French impressionists and a Fairy Tales book as well as an Alice in Wonderland!

Not sure when I will be listing... I have a busy schedule the next two days (getting my hair cut, pool playdate, doctor appointments, etc) but I have always liked a challenge.

Stay tuned!


Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

I'll be excited to see the results of your 'hunt'. Have a fun couple of days.

Ms.Daisy said...

You will be busy, but it will all get done. Can't wait to see your newest items - especially the fairy tale book.