Monday, February 17, 2014

Antiquing Finds: And a Shop Sneak Peek

We've had lots of snow so that makes
the hubby and I a bit weary of the indoors.
The cure? A little antique hunt will
bring a few smiles... and as usual
we bring Bebe along. She will
either hate antiques or grow
to love them as much as we do.
My first stop:
A booth filled with vintage china.
Seriously, I keep going there
and the china doth over flow.
I picked out my favorites.
This is the second time I've bought
multiple pieces from this person.
As long as it keeps over flowing with china
like this... I will be buying.
Just love the colors in this collage of china!
A few sweet, movable eye dolls...
I just picked out my favorites for today.
There are more!
I have opened a second Etsy shop.
To fill in the gaps where my other
shops are slow. It has been a
tough economy for sales.

I have the "don't ever give up

These vintage goodies caught my eye
as I am now looking for vintage mid-century
and retro vintage items which is the theme
for this second shop.
The Barbie outfits, still in the original
packaging, was a thrill to see.
Who wouldn't open their
new Barbie clothes? I just
have to wonder sometimes!

Then there were these lamps which I just listed today:

Mid Century modern!
Love it in my shop called
Enjoy your day!
Check back early next week
for new listings on Bella Rosa...
With all of the snow
and school snow days, I'm
behind in a lot of my work.
Mommy here needs a

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AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I am with you! I have had the itch to go thrifting so much lately....thank goodness for my local VOA's! Got a ton of great stuff yesterday. Love your new finds and your new shop! Brings back lots of childhood memories. I wish you much success in all your shops!