Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What Do a Home Show, Cannoli, and Real Housewives of NJ have in Common?

Last weekend I helped a friend
with her booth at a local home
show, here in Central PA.
She is an interior designer and
has her own business called
We met through our daughter's
school... so when she asked
me to come work at her
booth I thought it would
be a great chance to see some
beautiful home displays and
get to know her a little better.
It was a fun day with some
unexpected surprises!
Here is her booth.

She was having a "What's Your Style?" contest.

I thought it was a great idea.

There were different vignettes set up,
and people could choose from A, B,
or C to determine their style.

This was the traditional style.

Then the mid-century modern....

and then the last style was transitional.
I think this is me.
I like to include a bit of the past
(of course) with some of the modern.
So did many of the people
who took part in the contest.
The winning entry was drawn
from the style that
received the most votes.
Prizes were gift certificates
to the furniture stores that
were lending out the furniture
for her display.
Another great idea! 
She also had this in the booth.
Loved it!
We were having fun talking
to people who stopped by
PLUS the booth was right
next to the stage which was
to be the venue for several speakers
on different topics.

My friend was set to speak the
last day of the home show.
But, lo and behold, we
noticed a crowd gathering.
Kathy Wakile of  Real
Housewives of NJ was set to
speak any minute.
What was she going to talk about?

Since I don't watch the show
I had no idea ....
but come to find out she makes
cannoli and sells them in a kit.

After her time on the stage was
over, the home show folks set
up a table right in front
of my friend's booth
without even asking
her if she minded....

Then Kathy's husband (Mr. Wakile?)
 was there to join her.
People were lined up to get
their photos taken, autographs signed.
The works!
It was really entertaining!
Her husband is a real hoot.

But we soon discovered there was an
advantage to having a celebrity close by.
The local newspaper reporter
stepped over to talk to my
friend and did a little interviewing!
You just never know what is
going to happen.
And this experience with other
women entrepreneurs helped
me to think about what
I can do in my own business.
It was a day well spent and
I enjoyed the inspiration!
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Cranberry Morning said...

I think they're popular in SE and Central Wisconsin, but I've never eaten a cannoli in my life. Look delicious, though.

Sounds like a fun day and a little promotional for your friend also!

The Old Parsonage said...

What fun! I don't the show, so I didn't know who she was, but cannoli? I'm in!!

Sorry that you have to cancel vaca:(

Stay warm and safe!