Friday, May 20, 2011

Brand New Finds ... In Pink!

(I just "Googled" this and discovered it is a film made in Germany in 1907, based on an opera "Farewell My Love")

Where did the time go this week? I have been surrounded by gloomy days and rain this week so a little bit of pink is just what I need to brighten my day!

Here are a few pinks I'm about to list very soon. They haven't even been seen by anyone else yet! Don't you feel special?

In case you haven't noticed...I have a thing for antique postcards.

This one is a charmer.

A beautiful TUCK'S postcard... her pink dress is so sweet!

I just love the pink parasol in this antique advertising postcard...

Pink rose on a gorgeous Bavarian china gilded edges.

The rose transfer on this two handled vase (I also think it would make a great spooner)

is just right for Pink Saturday...

And a sweet pair of pink velvet shoe stretchers...scented too!

A little sneak peek for you today for Pink Saturday...

these "new finds" and more will be listed on my site soon.

Stay tuned!

For more pinks check out How Sweet the Sound.


viridian said...

All these are wonderful things! I like the first card.

genie said...

Your vinage cards are beautiful. I keep looking for them, but they are hard to find in these parts. Love your post. So pretty for PS.

Shabbyprimdelights said...

I love the colours on vintage cards and your are just gorgeous.

Lorraine said...

Happy ps!! Love your vintage finds!

LV said...

I enjoyed seeing all the pinks that you enjoy.

Ms.Daisy said...

Love the pinks you have chosen to list...especially the shoe stretchers. I at first thought they were velvet slippers! Very nice cards also.


Unknown said...

Use google language translator to find out the translation, sweetie.

What beautiful pink treasures you have. So love the gorgeous roses ...

Have a fabulous PS weekend,

Tobi Britton* said...

Love all of you vintage goodies!

Sparkly Hugs and a Happy Pink Saturday,
Tobi and the Pixies!

PS- come visit- I am having a giveaway!!

Tami @ Creative girl Vintage said...

It sure has been a rainy gloomy week..but we have some sunshine today! I love that rose transfer piece. I wish I had a whole collection of that.
Happy Pink Saturday, Jillian!
xo Tami

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Jillian Sweetie...
What a gorgeous share. The rose transfer piece is my favorite, but I sure did love those velvet stretchers as well. They look simply divine.

Thank you for sharing today. I so enjoyed my visit at Bella Rosa Antiques. Have a glorious weekend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

dana said...

First, happy belated anniversary! I loved your post....and enjoyed seeing the great wedding photos! It was hot on that day, huh? We've been having very cold, rainy weather here in MO. Today, it is I was able to jog a bit...first time in nearly 2 weeks. We are also having our subdivision garage sales! SO while I was doing my "warm up walking"...I shopped and put some things "on hold" til I wrapped up my exercising! It was a blast to jog and shop!! :)

Love your newest Pink finds....I am fond of those old post cards, too!

Hope you have great Pink Sat!

L, Dana

Unknown said...

So lovely vintage postcards!

Happy Pink Saturday!


suesueb said...

Fabulous finds! I love the 2 handled vase!! Happy pink weekend!

Unknown said...

I love your vintage cards! I have a few myself and I am trying to collect more. So glad I stopped by. Have a wonderful week.

Hugs, LisaKay