Monday, July 1, 2013

July 4th Summer Mantel: Using Vintage (and Getting a Bit Philosophical)

These past few weeks
have been really busy
for our family.
So my mantel
was a bit neglected.
The other day I quickly
put this together using
vintage stuff I already
had on shelves or in
my Bella Rosa stash.
While I'm not crazy about
the brick or the mantel,
I do enjoy decorating
for holidays.
And the patriotic
gal in me really
appreciates what
has come before us
here in America.
The land of the free.

I grabbed an old
blue and white
creamer and
used it to hold
mini flags.
Looking intently
all of a sudden
at the red, the
white, and the blue.
Then I started thinking.
(And pardon my
moment of philosophy)
Do we take for
granted what the
   American Flag stands for?

Do we remember the
hard toil and labor
that it took to
build this great nation?

Do we see what could
happen if we don't hold
onto the values
that lay down
our foundation?
That there is
free place
left on this earth?

Have we forgotten
about our history
and the reasons
we wanted freedom?

What do we think
when we see the lady liberty?

The liberty bell?

I still see America.
But an America
that is changing.
Turning away
from it's history.
And as we turn 237
years old this week
I hope we can
remain strong in
our values, our principles.
Are we too
divided, too passive?

Getting out my
old vintage things
and arranging them
into a Fourth of
July theme,
makes me realize I'm
eager to teach those
who are coming after me
the truth. The truth that
will set them free.
One nation, under God.
Without God,
there is no freedom.
That's it.
If you remove
God from our
future, there is
no America.
It is virtually
impossible to
keep the same
ideals of freedom
unless we keep Him
as our Guide and
our mighty Counselor.
With God as the
authority, no man
can ever have total
charge over your freedom.
Regardless of your
race, religious affiliation,
financial status,
or politic views.
So, Happy Fourth!
May your flags
wave for America
and for all who reside
within it's borders
that work to keep
it going.
We salute you!

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Victorian1885 said...

Well said Jillian, Enjoy your July 4th celebrations! Your mantel looks great!