Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vintage Finds From A Crazy Rummage Sale

I suppose I had never really been to a rummage sale.
Not like this one, anyway.
This was in a small town near our lake house.

People were lined up.
Waaaaay up.

It was hot.
I don't do hot.
Not in the bright sun, anyway.

Somewhere in the middle there near the
umbrellas is my devoted hubby.
He loves a good sale,
Chatting it up with the locals.

Bebe and I were waiting in the car
until it was almost time to go in.

The last thing we needed was a cranky
three year old!

It was bad enough I was getting cranky!

This wasn't even the crazy part.

The crazy part is....they let EVERYONE in all at once.
There was no room to move.
No room to rummage.

There were noises like I had never heard before.

Smash, crash, boom!

It was like a shark frenzy.

Dear Hubs sent me inside while he and Bebe
looked through the small tent of furniture.
I had seen a small light green phone table
through the side of the tent.

He was on a mission to get it for me.

I headed inside the building.
Not totally prepared for what I was about to face.

I don't think I did too badly although
it was hard to tell since once I got to the china
section it was about all I could do to move
once more through the sale.

There were SO many people you
were kind of trapped.
Very happy no one yelled "FIRE!"

Much of what I found there I think
I am taking to my antique booth.

I just loved the Kitchen Kraft
large mixing bowl.

And the pink syrup dispenser
caught my eye.
I may keep it as a "go along"
for my LuRay collection.

I also found some "spaghetti"
poodles, a flow blue plate,
green transfer plates, and another
French style plate.
Somehow they didn't make this photo but can be slightly
seen in this next one.

Somehow I found the energy
 to get up this morning
and head over to my favorite flea.

The above photo shows some of my
finds from this morning's
excursion mixed in.

I'm trying to list some of them tonight
but when I went to my website
I discovered the background was missing!

My web designer is in the middle of making
some changes to her site
 and I think my background
was a victim of change.

Hopefully she can restore it soon.
In the meantime I'll finish the rest tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, the Hubs scored the phone
table for me!

I'm going to work on it
for the lake house.
New paint.
New seat cover.

Up next, more on vintage finds and where
I found them...a cute little place
called "TWIGS and TREASURES"
Wait 'til you hear about this one!

Plus, some Befores & AFTERS...
pics of our progress on the
lake house decorating.
Stay tuned!


Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

Oh my - I've been to 'rummage sales' - but nothing like this......ever.... sounds like you did well tho!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, that LINE! Crazy. You found great stuff though!

Connie said...

Caaaauuuute, honey! The cottage is coming along swimmingly.