Monday, July 16, 2012

Thrift Shop in the Woods: A Twig & A Tresor!

We were at our lake house on the last day of our mini vacation, eating out at a local restaurant, when we met a woman who lives in the area all year.

She was giving us some great ideas of what to see and do in "town."

And then she said "Then there's Twigs & Treasures. I'm a Twig!"

A twig and a treasure. Well, I certainly had no idea what that was but I absolutely know what a treasure is so my curiosity meter went up.

Turns out this cute little woodsy building is where everyone in the community drops off their unwanted stuff (this place is like Grand Central Station) and you can go looking around, fill up a box and donate whatever you'd like for your "purchases."

Of course, I went there as soon as possible the next time we went to the lake house.

I had a whole room to decorate and I was on a mission.

While it is not as good as my favorite flea or antique mall, it did have some treasures. Especially if you need to stock a kitchen or decorate a cottage.

After all, most of the items in the place came from other people's cottages in and around the lakes there.

I couldn't believe no one had picked up this sweet little collection of
Italian basket pottery. The roses get me every time.

I really needed a lamp for this bedroom and found this "touch turn on" style.
It had no shade so I asked and they said "oh, out in the tent are a bunch of
shades, go pick out one!" So, I did. Gotta love this place!

The beauty of this little thrift shop is that it raised enough money to give thirty thousand dollars back to the community...for things like ambulances and

I was amazed, thrilled, and motivated all at the same time!

I also spotted a set of oval needlepoint pieces for either
side of the window in this same room.
You can see one of them hanging there.

For another wall, I found this beautifully
done counted cross stitch piece:
What a lot of work went into this!

Thanks for checking out my new little
thrifty place to find
"lake house  decor"!

I can't wait to go back...

Although, up next, my awesome find
right in the antique mall where
we have our booth!


Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

I love the idea of that store! I'm sure knowing that the money is going straight back into the community makes people more likely to be generous with their donations. And I love that it's not all going into the landfill! You found some great stuff!

Ms.Daisy said...

Great idea this community came up should be practiced everywhere! Some great finds for decorating the lake house. I like the cross stitch picture - wonderful handicraft there.


gail said...

It sounds like so much fun. It also sounds like you are having a wonderful summer.
I can't wait to go on vacation myself, although I don't know when that willbe.....

thistlewoodfarm said...

What a fun idea! I really like those needle point pieces! I need a thrifty place like that :)