Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Before: Tackling a Lake House Kid's Room

One of our next projects at the
lake house will
be this kids room.

I'm blaming everything on the aqua colored walls.

I've started early by purchasing matching
quilt coverlets in Red, White, and Blue.

Just imagine bunk beds
painted in white.

The red striped pillows are going back.
I found another pair at Christmas Tree Shops
Much cuter.
Photo to arrive soon!

Dear Hubs found this lamp in his travels.
I think it is a keeper!

The little red table
it sits on is from my Dad's
cabin up in Maine.

We found this shelf at a yard sale for five dollars.
I sprayed it white.

I just loved the mirrored stars
and bought three of them.
I plan on doing a wall of them here.
But we haven't really gotten to this room yet
so I just hung one where
there was an existing nail to
see if I even liked them.

I do!

The challenge in here is going to be
the bunk beds.
An attic celing makes this a tough one.
I found a few ideas on Pinterest.

The other challenge is getting Bebe to
change her mind about this aqua color.
She loves it!
Remember, she is just three.
But she made me stop and
question my thought of painting it white!
Then I remembered
the awful cast it leaves in the room.
If not white, then what color then?

Stay tuned...
Although I have no idea when this
room will be tackled.

In the meantime I have
a few finds I'm going to list soon.

Enjoy your day!


Betty@SouthernGrace said...

I'm sure it will be beautiful. I have a little table like that I am planning to paint red this week!

Gabriela Delworth said...


I love this room!


Sista K said...

Two ideas: how about white and navy nautical stripes?

Or...Navy on the bottom white and blue and red painted stars on the top half?

What? Am I actually thinking painting???? Must be getting ready for this weekend! Ha!

Love the are a master!

The Rose Room said...

yep the aqua needs to go, it looks dingy! I would go with white personally and then use all your gorgeous colour accents and lots of bright wall art! Cute stuff you have got there so far! Rachael