Thursday, February 12, 2009

Antiques ~ A Hunting We Will Go!

I love hunting for antiques. The thrill of the chase. The needle in a haystack. And when you find something ... it is such a joyful moment. Sometimes it is just fun to get out of the house and browse around even if you have nothing in particular you are looking for. Recently we took one of those journeys at a nearby antique mall.

I thought this booth had a neat array of doilies and linens. Mostly doilies! That's a lot of crocheting that took place. Definitely a time gone by... you hardly ever seen anyone making doilies anymore.

I of course, love all of the pinks!

This booth was also fun. I am usually on the hunt for some of my favorite dinnerware pieces, LuRay. None to be found here. Sigh. Maybe next time. They sure did have a lot of neat retro items!
What do you like to look for? Leave me a comment....I'd love to hear about what you collect. We may even be able to add you to our "Seek and Find" list. If we find it we'll put it on the website and send you an email. Or, you could simply add your name to our "Just Listed" email list where we send you an email as soon as we list our latest finds.
This last time we were on the hunt we brought back a whole bag of neat things. Check them out in our "Just Listed" category!

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