Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thinkin About the Fourth

The Fourth of July! Right around the corner.. I love this time of year.

Summer is my absolute favorite season.

Love this look!

Here is a craft idea (I think from Country Living)

And another!

This is something new I'm adding to my Patriotic category... a pin and a Farmers of America ribbon...

Isn't this just the perfect country setting for a July 4th celebration? Compliments of Country Living. They know how to do it right!

A side view of my mantle last year. I do a little something different every year ... I just started collecting these Statue of Liberty souvenir trnkets. So far I have a statue of liberty, a Washington Capitol building and an Empire State building. It has been fun hunting them down!

Last year I tried making the rosettes... I have the silver pipe cleaner chain all assembled but just haven't completed the banner yet...

But we don't mind taking our time! We're enjoying

our time together...

What do you like to do for the fourth?


Unknown said...

I have to giggle--when we made those rosette banners I think it took us 2 years to get them done too! It was such a headache making the rosettes with the terrible instructions CL provided that we were OVER them by the time July 4 rolled around...stuffed them in a box and finished them the next year! LOL

Ms.Daisy said...

You worked hard on those rosettes and maybe by next year they will be complete! Thanks for the sweet pics of you and Bebe and the ideas for our next "craftnight."

Ms.Daisymau said...

Gorgeous! She looks like her Mamma! Rachaelxo