Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Woman's Treasure: How do you know what to buy?

Is it junk? Or is it treasure?

Determining this can be fun or it can be frustrating.

My biggest rule of thumb, which I don't always remember to abide by is, if I'm not happy with keeping it when it doesn't sell, then I shouldn't buy it.

Most of the time I just try to keep it fun. When I saw these old wooden letters they spelled fun to me!

I've discovered Asian themed items are not a hot seller. Then again, I must confess, I did not buy this oriental themed mirror. Dear Hubs brought it home. I do think it is very pretty! I love the ornate design at the top of the handle.

This was another item I thought was really neat (and old) but it has not sold. An old "Laundry Account" pin cushion. I guess it was used to keep track of shirts, pants, etc.

Now this...THIS I wish I had ten more of. A Souvenir of France silk apron from the war era. Gorgeous! It sold so fast I didn't even get to enjoy it for awhile. Maybe I'll come across another in my travels.

Like this little souvenir cutie from Paris. Definitely a treasure. But I didn't have to go all the way to Paris to find it. It was right here in the county we live in. I wonder who originally owned it and what they thought of France. Many items were brought back by soldiers after the war.

Maybe the question shouldn't be.... "how do you know what to buy" but rather "how do you know what to keep?"


Victorian1885 said...

If I love it..I buy it! I always have ideas to resell the items on EBAY but usually end up keeping everything..


Thespa McLaughlin said...

I so would have kept the apron!

Connie said...

Oooh, Jillian, please come over and visit our new Miss "A" today, honey! She's so fresh from heaven and sweet as sugar...

Lisa said...

Oh I so agree. I am unloading some of my treasures lately and feeling good about it but I always think I should have a shop because I like the hunt! But it takes me awhile to get rid of things ;) I would never make money!! lol
Hugs, Lisa
ps I think you found really good ones!

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Hi Jillian!
I dont think I have the answer to your question!!
I was selling in an antique mall for about 6 years and the hardest thing was buying things that I didnt want to KEEP for myself!
Those letters are so fun and I get the Paris bracelet has SOLD by now!
I'll check back and see if anyone has the answer :-)
Happy Hunting for the perfect quick sales!
hugs and smiles,

Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...

What size are those letters? Are they on your site? I need to go right now and see before they are sold!

Ms.Daisy said...

You have some great items, and yes, it is funny how some items sell almost immediately and others languish amid the "treasures."

Ms.Daisy Mau