Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some (Pink) Days Are Better Than Others

I'm a little late getting my pink post started this morning but I'm not going to let it dampen my pink spirit today... after all some pink days are better than others and I found a lot of things these past few weeks in our favorite color!

Sweet ballet prints... the little ballerina in my house (Dear Bebe, yes she has already started doing some dancing!) almost had these hanging in her room.
It takes much will power to not keep everything.

An ad card for Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil. Ewwwww!
But the artwork on the front was so lovely...
I loved how patriotic it is with "The Twins" holding the American flag.

Cute little creamer with a great pink floral transfer.

Here I put together a trio of vintage items.
The pink rose postcard of course, is my favorite.

I just know ya'all understand that when I see Burgundy it really
appears as PINK in my head.
The color plates in this copy of Alice are stunning. Again, I had visions of cutting them out and framing them for Dear Bebe's room but I couldn't take scissor to the book.

And speaking of great color... look at this pair of rose paintings. PINK!
What more could I have asked for when I found these?
The canvas is wrapped around a 2" thick wooden frame.

I had just seen these in one of the magazine's recently ...
I remember playing with them when I was a little girl.
These are possibly even older than I am.
Victorian china never loses its appeal with me.
Anything that withstood the test of time while
being breakable finds a soft spot in my heart.
Plus, the little petite pink roses give it the extra..... "awwwwwww!"

Vintage Japanese lanterns.
These are smaller than the others I listed a few weeks ago. They would look cute together, strung every other one, with little twinkle lights for a summer time party.

This pink rose dish has me intriqued this week. It is shaped like a bone dish but it's size tells me it is not exactly a bone dish. Much larger at 9 inches long and 5 inches wide. The back stamp reads "France" and another stamp shows where it was purchased, 5th Ave, New York!

With all of this pink goodness I am certainly tickled this week. I hope you were too!

For more pinks to fill your fancy check out Beverly's blog at How Sweet the Sound.

Thanks so much for stopping by... see how many other pinkies you can visit today.

I'm off to work at our antique booth so I'll try to stop back later

and catch up with you all!
Enjoy the day!

(And yes, these finds are my latest items up for sale if interested)


Nancy said...

oooo, Jillian, great finds! Happy Pink Saturday!

Connie said...

Yes, they are, but with Lè Bèbè all days are pink, momma chick! :-)

Unknown said...

Beautiful treasures!
Happy Pink Saturday!


Claudia said...

Love all the pink treasures. I remember those little umbrellas - I was always playing with them and breaking them!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lots of pretty pink treasures, Jillian. I have some little ballerinas this week, too. My sweet goddaughter had her recital, and she wore pink!

Happy Pink Saturday to you...



Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Hi, what great treasures you found...I really love the pretty china pieces :)

Happy Pink Saturday, warmest, Brenda

Lisa said...

Love the ballerinas and the parasols! They are great! Really old ones good find!! I don't mind that it is not all pink good stuff!!
Hugs, Lisa

nannykim said...

wow--a lot of pink thingys! I wish you had shown some photo from the Alice book! I saw a mag. pic using those little umbrellas too--I can't remember what they made with it??? hmmm, was it a lantern thing, I just don't recall. Happy pink sat!

Kathy said...

Wow quite a variety of wonderful pinks. I like the lanterns and the pink heart shaped dish! Very intriguing!
Wishing you a very happy Pink Saturday!

Ms.Daisy said...

I'm loving all your pretty pinks! You do find the neatest things for Bella Rosa Antiques!

Ms.Daisy Mau

Maggie said...

I love all your pinks but the dishes and the ballerinas are my favs, for sure!

Happy belated Pink Saturday from
Maggie Mae!
"Do these shoes match this purse?"

vickie said...

Happy Pink Saturday.Love your pinks today! The dish from France/NY is gorgeous.

dana said...

Hi Jillian! First..I loved your Father's Day precious. Second, wow, you had some wonderful pinks this week. I LOVE all of them..especially the Alice book!! I couldn't cut pictures out of it either!! Hope you had a great Pink Sat. L, dana

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh..I'm visiting too late again, but I'm here..that's what counts doesn't it? So, Happy Belated Pink Saturday to you and I hope you'll visit my PS-post and enter my give-away! Love, Esther XX

D. Jean Quarles said...

Oh that rose dish is just too beautiful. Happy belated pink.