Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Listings & What We've Been Up to

We've been really busy but it is par for the course. Who isn't busy these days?
With all of our conveniences, I think we're up to our eyeballs with things to do.
I wasn't too busy however to list about twelve more items to Bella Rosa. All in the same day I took Dear Bebe to a new program at our church for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Whew. She wore Mommy out! Pictures to follow on another post. Then I also turned around and made a meal for a new Mommy at our church. Now this gal is REALLY busy. She has newborn twins!

Making a meal for a fellow Mommy is usually no problem. But, our oven is out. Our three and a half year old JENN AIR cooktop oven. The digital circuit board stopped working. Is it me or do modern conveniences = more work. The old fashioned ovens with the turny twisty knobs would not have broken so easily! I really am an antiquer, aren't I?

Luckily my neighbor graciously allowed me to use her oven. So, Dear Bebe and I went over there with our bakeware and visited while the meal cooked. We're so blessed to have wonderful neighbors!

And after all of the dust settled....uh...I mean dishes were washed, I settled down to my computer and listed my latest finds:

A German daily inspirational reading book. Beautiful angel cover and gold gilded pages.

I have a few favorites this week and this is one of them. A lined victorian ring box. Sooooo sweet.

Elegant depression era glass ring and jewelry holder.

This piece is absolutely gorgeous. A Royal Doulton figurine. Marie Antoinette holding a beautiful rose. She has lovely shine and gold trim on her dress and shoes. This piece is from somewhere between 1967 and 1979. I'm selling it for about half the book price. When I find savings, I pass it on to you!

These little Lenox swans are adorable! They have room in their backs for a placecard, business card, or maybe even a love note!

Easter is just around the corner. Three antique postcards would make a great addition to a basket.
This is one of my favorite pieces this week. It is definitely hand crafted by a jewelry artisan. Marked on the back gold filled and what appears to be the artist's initials. The aqua gemstone is just perfectly adorning the center. Such a romantic piece.

There are a few pink pieces but I'm holding off for the Pink Saturday event.

Stay tuned!

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MJ said...

My jaw dropped when I read 3.5 years in the context of an oven. Urgh. I hope your next oven is more reliable!

Glad you managed to pull it all together to back a meal at a neighbours! You are dedicated! I'll also overlook your comment on "dust". I don't mind doing dishes but there is something really objectionable to dusting!! But don't tell anyone I said so ; )