Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Fling

Spring is in the air.

I know it must be because I am getting the urge to straighten up and clean out. It started last week with me going through closets and pulling out clothes I haven't worn in awhile. Like, before I was pregnant with Dear Bebe. My Dear Step-Daughter happened to be here for this sudden closet purge and was thrilled with her new wardrobe. She and her college roommate will be able to make good use of them. Now there's room for replacements! Shhhh....don't tell Dear Hubs. Ha!

Then our antique booth received an overhaul. Well, not a complete overhaul but a good sweeping and rearranging. It feels so good to do this after a long cold winter.

Then last night we watched the show HOARDERS on TLC. Wow. Couldn't believe the stuff people save and pile up. I mean REALLY pile up. Makes me want to clean out every room in the house! While we are not hoarders is still tough with an antique biz. You just can't help but have things waiting to be sold or to go to the booth. Organizing is key!

What do you like to do when Spring arrives?

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Cottage Rose said...

I do the same thing as you do... go through my closet, and then the whole house... It's funny how each Spring we tend to get busy on clearing out our homes and making life less cluttered.... I love making my home look and smell fresh... have a great week.