Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Second Chance Tuesday #4

Welcome to Second Chance Tuesday! This is where we feature items we feel deserve a "SECOND CHANCE" to be highlighted on the blog. Feel free to join us if you have a shop or even a favorite post you'd like to give another day up on your blog.

Here is what I selected this week, from my online shop, Bella Rosa Antiques ... all with the upcoming Christmas holiday in mind:

A Josef's Original Santa puppy. He's bringing you a stocking. . . have you been good this year?

(Thank you, these have sold!)
Why is Mrs. Claus winking at Santa? Cute kitcshy / retro set!

Ice blue Christmas tree pin. Show your holiday spirit... for your coat lapel or sweater!

Vintage glass teal beads... why these are still in the shop surprises me! How pretty they would bewith shabby pink ornaments.

(Thank you, this has sold! )
Little figurines like this remind me of my Mother's cute decor from days gone by. She always put out her collection a few weeks before Christmas. This one is by Lefton.


gail said...

oh gosh I remember those figurines...my mom had them too. they put you in the mood for Christmas, don't they?

Ms.Daisy said...

Nice post of your second chance items. I always liked Lefton figurines!


j said...

Oh Jillian, I adore the Christmas items! I love vintage Christmas decorations.