Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin', Chuckin', & Plain 'ol Junkin'

Saturday we went on our second annual pumpkin hunt. Last year the weather was a little bit warmer... but we had fun anyway!

We tried a new farm and they had all kinds of fun things to do...

Dear Bebe found her pumpkin and we were off to enjoy other festivities...

The pretty horses...
And the great pumpkin chucker, Charlie Brown! How did I do with my expert photography?
That smoke is pretty good, eh?????
On the way home Mommy stopped at a cute little antique shop and found a little vintage for her Bella Rosa Antique store. Plus we were invited to a pre-house sale which almost never happens.

Fall is looking pretty good around here.
THe lady that sold this sweet sweet feathered hat to me said her Mother wore it when she got married! Can't even imagine what the rest of the outfit must have looked like. This hat is awesome! And it is pink!
(I'm attracted to vintage bracelets like moths to a light bulb....)
Antique German house signs... one dates back to the 1880's!

Antique box from Siena, Italy???? I am about to do more research on this piece.

I'll be back with more on my latest finds... I'm sooooooo excited!


Ms.Daisy said...

Wow! Looks like you had a great time pumpkin pickin' and chunkin' and all the fun things to do on the farm. Bebe is getting to be a big girl now picking out her own pumpkin!


gail said...

looks like a fun day...that's what I did last week with the my little boys (grandsons). So much fun.
Love the hat and the box....great finds.

MJ said...

Great finds! I am glad Bebe found a pumpkin! They are apparently in short supply in our area considering the cold & wet summer.