Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Second Chance Tuesday #2

Welcome to Second Chance Tuesday where we highlight things deserving of a second look. Could be a post you really liked, a wedding or a prom dress you'd like to wear again, or in my case, items from my shop that are too pretty to be hidden among the website. and shown here on the blog just once.

This week I'm pulling out items that are made of paper:

This is a neat book. Looks kind of ordinary so what makes it so special? It was handmade and given to someone's mother as a gift to write her favorite recipes in. How cool is that? All blank inside.

Gorgeous paper fan from Japan. The pink makes it fabulous!

Vintage payroll checks from a local Lancaster County, PA bank. I can see some great craft projects using these!

Vintage red streamers.

These need to be used in someone's Christmas projects and fast!

The item being featured here is the French style powder box. I really don't think the photo I use on the site shows it off to it's full beauty. It is really a neat piece.
Thanks for giving a "Second Look" to some pretty vintage treasures that tend to get "buried" by my new inventory.
Have a BELLA day!


~CC Catherine said...

Hi Jillian! I keep checking out this French box you've posted about today... :) I may be back again to think more seriously about her! I check out your shoppe often~and spent about 45 minutes window shopping last week out there. ~I used to frequent Lancaster often when I lived in Mechanicsburg 11 years ago.

gail said...

I love the french box and the recipe book!
Let's face it, I love everything!

Ms.Daisy said...

Love all the pretties! Can't make up my mind about which one though.


P.S. I got Bebe's cute thank you. Now that's a keeper!

Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...

I love all the items you showed us--so pretty! but my favorite is probably the streamers cuz I love me a partay!!
Also love old old books-love their smell!
You are a dear to send thoughts and prayers for my foot.
It is healing, I am waiting.
God is good. I am blessed.
Blessings to you, sweet sister and friend!