Monday, September 27, 2010

Who's Party Is It, Anyway?

Yesterday we had the birthday party for Dear Bebe. I just can't believe she is two already!
This is a cute stand up card I found in an antique shop while we were on vacation along Chatauqua Lake, NY. Two year old cards were just finding me, seriously.

I had such a good time getting everything ready, I was starting to think the party was for me.
Well, it was for me too, wasn't it? I celebrate the precious gift I received two years ago!

Here are the goodie boxes with the scanned birthday cards on the front. I think they turned out cute. (If I must say so myself.)
Gramma (Ms. Daisy) and I ran out of time because our craft night was bumped to the night before the party. We decided to go see a show at our local dinner theatre. It was a fun girls' night out!

So, with that excuse already out there... I did not get to make cupcake toppers for every single one and I did not make gift tags. I'm not even sure anyone noticed anyway!

We had a great time and Dear Bebe loved having her Gramma here. Who's turn is it next to have a party? I'm ready!


gail said...

well I can think of an excuse to have a party at any given second!but actually today is my birthday so LET'S PARTY!!!
Little Bebe's party looked fun and I love the goodie boxes!

Olivia said...

So cute I love it! Adorable vintage ideas!

Pam Kessler said...

What a great idea for gift bags. Very cute.

Lisa said...

How sweet! Enjoy doing what you want for a party not many more years and she will have her own opinions! Enjoy and Happy #2!
Hugs, Lisa

Ms.Daisy said...

Thanks for a wonderful time at the Dinner Theater, the Autumn Day festival and of course, Bebe's birthday party with friends and relatives! I had a ball - thanks for all the laughter!


dana said...

I LOVE that photo of you "girls"....what a lovely group!!!

I can not believe that little Bebe is TWO!!! It just seems like yesterday that you surprised us bloggers with her birth!!! You and your mom were soooooo good about keeping the upcoming news a secret! :) That little one is just as precious as can be!!

I am nuts about what you did with the vintage cards!!! What terrific ideas!! I will send the link to my DIL who is always on the lookout for bdparty ideas. Our little gr. boy will be two next July!

I am glad you spent time going to the dinner theater instead of killing yourself at the last minute on the party. You are so one knew what they had missed out on!!

When you have time...check out the post I just put up!! I'm old..but I've still got it!! ha..ha!!

I am so sorry I haven't visited lately. That tag sale took the better part of two weeks from start to finish. It was a major pain to do..but it was so worth it for us to do it! I think we're taking next year off, however!!

L, Dana

j said...

I love the three generations photo Jillian. It's wonderful!