Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Fan

I am now a HUGE fan of this pink fan.

The only problem is... it's not mine anymore!

I sold it. Yep, I did.

Can you believe that?

I must have been crazy. CRAZY! Out of my mind I tell ya.

Since all I have left is a lovely photo of this pretty, no make that GORGEOUS, fan I am going to use it as much as possible.

I'm starting by linking up with Connie's blog, Living Beautifully.

Check her Frou Frou Friday post by clicking on my sidebar for her button.

I thought I would show a few more frou frou items which are still in the shop.
This vintage greeting card is very pretty and was made by the TUCKS's company.

On the back it says it was printed for the majesty the King and Queen Alexandra.
Mighty frou frou, don't you think?

OR how about this frilly handwriting done in gold wire? The mother of pearl heart pin is unique as well.

And I really like these heavy gauge wire glove trees. What a great idea for decoratiung!

Have a great weekend. May all your finds be as sweet as the "FAN THAT GOT AWAY!"


Annesphamily said...

What an awesome fan! I really like it alot! Sad that you sold it! :(

gail said...

Jillian....sorry about the fan. I hate when I part with things I love. But we do eventually get over it!