Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guest Room Reveal

While I may enjoy decorating my house, I'm no interior decorator. I like to go with the "use what you have" decorating theme. We purchased a few things but the rest I grabbed from around the house to complete this room.

Pictures above the bed were from hubby's old house, before we were married. (B.M.)

I almost gave them up for sale or for goodwill. This is one of those cases where I'm glad I didn't.

Nightstand and side table pulled from the master bedroom. (Replacements coming soon!)

We used Behr's "Warm Muffin" for the wall color. At first I hated it! I was in "what was I thinking" mode. Then we added in the curtains, furniture and bed cover and I breathed a sigh of relief. The big piece of furniture in the foreground is one of hubby's favorite purchases... an old victrola. I was against leaving it in but we actually need someone who can help him carry it down before we can bring it to our antique booth, so it stays. It adds an extra antiquey element I wasn't expecting. The matching antique dresser and headboard are from 1941, purchased at an auctioin, and were from my house, B.H. (Before Hubs.) We pulled the head and foot board out of the attic and pulled the dresser from the master bedroom. The vanity brush set was my Grandmother's and always welcomes our guests. It is a must stay item!

Unfortunately I was a bad blogger and did not take any before pictures of the guest room! Bad, bad! Let's just say the room had no theme except shabby country meets "hey lets throw this stuff in here for storage.'

This is definitely an improvement!

Now, with this behind us we can now focus on my Dear Step-daughter's wedding. Can't wait 'til I can take photos, she is making her own centerpieces and I know they are going to be fabulous!

Have a BELLA day!


Connie said...

I think the paint goes very well with the bed coverings. Looking good, sugar.
xoxo for Le B├Ębe,

traci said...

hi jillian. your guest room looks wonderful. i love the color on the walls. i need to redo our bedroom, just can't decide on a color. this one could be in the running.

Bunny said...

Room looks wonderful great job. I am sure you are proud of yourself.

Ms.Daisy said...

The bedroom looks beautiful and you pulled it together very nicely!
The colors do compliment each other though you wouldn't think so if you just were looking at color samples...very nice job!


Lisa said...

Oh what a great room! Aren't you tempted to sleep in it yourself? It is lovely, your furniture is just great! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa

Victorian1885 said...

Good evening Jillian
Your guest room looks so the Antiques!


Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Yes, Lisa, I really wanted to switch our room to the "new" guest room! LOL

MJ said...

Good for you re-cycling other items into the room! The vintage stuff is better made and more meaningful! I'm sure the room will come in handy in the upcoming wedding planning!

gail said...

Hi Jillian-beautiful job! Of course we don't know what the room like before, bad, bad, blogger!
Only kidding, what matters is what it looks like now....fabulous!