Friday, April 22, 2011

Ellen Clapsaddle & Easter

Some of my favorite discoveries have been as an antique dealer.

One of them has been simple little paper things called postcards. The following pieces are from my Ephemera category. Ephemera is described as the items that should have been thrown away, or should not have outlasted it's inital use... and instead were saved and preserved over time.
Also, I used to think postcards were just, well, postcards. It never occurred to me to look for the artist's signature on them. The one above is by Ellen Clapsaddle.

Although this one is not signed by the artist, it is just as beautiful.

I've learned much over the years and you know what, I'm still learning.

Another great discovery in this fun world of antiques.

This week I'm linking to the ever popular Pink Saturday blog party. There's lots more to read about so hop on over and have a blessed and Happy Easter!


Shabbyprimdelights said...

I just love vintage cards...they are so prety.
HPS & a Happy Easter to you
Michelle xox

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Vintage cards are so pretty.
Have a beautiful Pink Saturday.

Dru said...

Beautiful vintage post cards ~ thanks for sharing them with us. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter to you...


I love vintage post cards, my Mil had some pretty ones, for Xmas and Easter, I guess her daughter's have them now.'re are a Bella Rosa! I'm at PINK SAT. too.
Have a nice and blessed Easter.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

postcards are one of my favorite much beauty, such a reasonable price, and a glimpse into days gone by.
Happy pink Saturday!

MJ said...

I had no idea that postcards used to include the artist's name. I'll have to pay more attention to them now! Happy Easter!

Unknown said...

I, too, as an antique dealer never put much stock in the postcards other than I loved the artwork ... until I was enlightened one day. Clapsaddle is one of my favorites ... thank you for sharing yours.

Have a beautiful & happy Easter

Ms.Daisy said...

Beautiful cards and beautiful post.
Blessed Easter greetings!


Bluebirds and Roses said...

Love your shop..Thank you for sharing ~ HPS & Happy Easter~

Fashion Girl - Alissa said...

I 'm happy come here at first time, I love vintage cards and feel very classic. I Follow your blog, I'll always come to visit you!

Best Wishes

Faye said...

Don't you just love the Easter postcards of the chicks or bunnies pulling carts!!!
Happy Easter

Faye said...

Don't you just love the Easter postcards of the chicks or bunnies pulling carts!!!
Happy Easter

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

so that's what 'ephemera' is - I always thought it was just paper stuff. Don't ask me why I never bothered to look it up. Lazy me. It's neat how many special post cards you run across. I just picked up a pretty Tucks. But its a Christmas one - so guess it will wait a while.

Alissa said...

This is my first time to establish blog, and something don't understand, I have be your follower and add to my bolg list, so can you add me back?. Thank you!

Unknown said...

I love vintage postcards! I am drawn to them whenever I come across them in shops. They are mini works of art!
Happy PS...I am just catching up today! LOL

dana said...

I love vintage post cards, Jillian...and I love YOURS!!! I have several Eastery ones...they are just beyond special, aren't they?

I never knew the meaning of ephemera....heck I'm not certain how it's pronounced...but thanks for explaining it to me. I know I love old stuff that most folks tend to toss! :)

Hope you had a great Easter...and that your Pink Sat. was filled with fun. We had our family another family who had 4 four year old and 9mo old TRIPLETS!! Wow! That was an eyeopener! :) I've been working all week at recovering from the preparations for and the fun had on Easter!

L, Dana