Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Latest Vintage Finds

Now that we are into February we have been
getting the urge to "hunt down some vintage."
 We know that spring will be here before we
know it but you know how that goes...
So, here are some of the things
we have found recently.:
 This wonderful vintage bookcase.

We decided not to go with chalk paint on this piece
nor did we distress it. It will most likely
go into a child's room or baby nursery.
Funny thing about selling vintage... you just never know
what will sell. As soon as we placed the bookcase
next to the vintage baby armoire, the armoire sold!
It had been sitting in the shop since day one.

 Saw just three of these "The Hotel Hershey" plates
at a second hand shop and realized they weren't old.
But, if you've ever been to The Hotel Hershey,
 you just love anything from there!
They would also go well with the creamers
I showed you last week!

  I also had the chance to pick up some costume jewelry...
I love displaying them at the checkout counter.
These are just a few of them.
I was really running low.
Other things I like to display:
Red books, picture frames, roses, ephemera,
all good things for Valentine's Day.
I added some pink things to the mix...
for a touch of romance.
I'll be back with more vintage finds
next week! Enjoy the day!
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Melissa said...

Love it all! :) I'm on a junk buying ban, as I rid my house of junk from outings past... We're listing it in 4-6 weeks... It's going to be hard to make my house look like a hoarder/junker doesn't live there

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I can't wait for Spring! For the thrifting, that is! I just love the armoire and the shelf...a perfect pairing. I am a firm believer in leaving things to sell no matter how long it takes. You never know when the right person will come along. I am still selling things out of my Etsy shop that have been there for 5 years! I just sold my first piece of furniture in my new booth so now I am on the hunt for more.

Cynthia said...

Oh, those red books. . .hard to resist anything with a red cover on it. I love seeing what you are selling!

https://www.vintagesouthernpicks.com said...

Gorgeous finds! Love that sweet pink bookcase! That will sell quickly.