Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Discoveries for Shop Inventory

Hello my friends!
I'm giving a quick update on some
new things I've discovered for selling.
Both online (Bella Rosa) and my
brick and mortar shop, Vintage & Co.

Some are new, some are inspired by old.
And some are actually vintage or antique.

Some are handmade by vendors, which
is something new I discovered!

Some were made by me, which is something
I would not have attempted a year ago.
I ordered burlap on Amazon and decided
to stencil my own pattern on it, which
as it turns out, I really liked!
I made this wreath, too.

I decided to add green into my shop inventory
since we are approaching St. Patty's
 Day and spring. Turns out I like that, too!
I discovered new ways of displaying some
of my inventory. It is good to change
things around, they get noticed more! 

I discovered I can add in "new" items
that have an older look.

Like this old "outhouse" piece... paired
with a newer lake house hanging sign.
The garden stakes are new but have a great rustic look.

I discovered I had some old keys still
left in my inventory and quickly brought
them to the shop. One of my favorite
things to use as display.
I also love old wooden boxes. This one is
neat with graphics already painted
on the side.. .the perfect place to stash
some motto stamp blocks!
And as always, I discover how much I
enjoy setting up inventory in my shop.
I get inspired by old issues of
Country Living magazine, Romantic
Homes, Somerset Life. It helps
get my mind in motion and then
it just flows from there.
What did you discover this week?


Victorian1885 said...

Jillian everything in your shop looks so wonderful!

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

You're becoming quite the project girl. Everything you do seems to 'sing'. Go you! :)

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

All your new discoveries add nice texture to your vignettes too. It all looks so enticing!

https://www.vintagesouthernpicks.com said...

Seeing your booth space makes me miss having one. Love all your vintage items, especially the cloche & old keys.