Friday, August 20, 2010

Vintage Discoveries

Recently I "discovered" some really great vintage pieces to add to my shop. Then there were some not so great discoveries.

Like we had no phone or internet yesterday afternoon and for the 24 hours following. Just when I think I am not so dependent on it, I lose it, then discover I really need it!

I had big plans to add inventory last night when I ended up watching TV instead. Another discovery! There is nothing good on.

But really, let's get to the fun discoveries I have made recently...these are of the vintage kind.

An old amber glass powder jar. Love the art deco lid.

These little Christmas houses just seem to find me now.

This blue "cameo" ring is different... the image is cut into the glass instead of the 3-D kind.

I was happy to discover this little pearly small to fit a little girl.

A brass chest ... it actually locks with the little key. Inside, lined with maroon velvet.

Fun vintage costume jewels...

And an art nouveau style necklace. This appears to me to be made in a vintage style, as in, not really that old! But, I liked it anyway.

Hopefully I will discover some extra time and can list them onto the Bella site soon!

What discoveries did you make this week? I'm heading over to Connie's blog, Living Beautifully, to see what she and some other's have found.... for Frou Frou Friday. (Click on her Frou Frou logo on my sidebar to hop on over there.)


gail said...

Hi Jillian....I feel your pain. I am so not a technology person-it's all great when it works, but when it doesn't...grrrrr. I can't list anything on etsy because all of a sudden it's saying my pictures are too big. It was always fine before, and no one seems to know how to fix it for me! Also, skin cancer runs in my family so we are all very diligent about the mole thing. But I do love your treasures, and they sure can brighten our day, can't they?

Connie said...

LOL!!! Little Christmas thing just "seem to find you now"? Cute, chickee, cute. But hubs wouldn't take that as an excuse from ME!

The Urban Chic said...

Love all your beautiful finds, especially the little Christmas house. I really would like to find some for a scene for Christmas, but the only way to get them is on ebay and they are over priced for my budget. Maybe I'll get lucky and find one at a thrift store or end up decorating some paper mache ones. Beautiful post today. Hugs, Pat

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Its funny how our computers have gotten under our skin...I always think a rest will be, well a rest, when it has to go into the shop. I wander aimlessly around, fidget at this and that and actually mourn that darn! Its not that bad, but I do know what you mean and TV? I am so bored with all their old tired programs. When the computer is being worked on, that is when I really get most of my creating done...the big distraction is gone for a bit......
I love all your finds...the jewelry is exquisite and so is that powder box!