Monday, August 23, 2010

Like a Roller Coaster Baby

(This is the Cyclone roller coaster from Coney Island, courtesy of the website.)

Our internet service has been like a roller coaster lately.

First its up. Wheeeeeee! Then it is down. Whoaaaaaaaaaa!

Then our phone went out.

The phone guy was just here and now we have a dial tone. I'm obviously online so that is working...but both of our email accounts are acting up as well. Sometimes we get them and sometimes we don't.

Who knows? By the time I am finished typing this post I may have lost my chance to make it into cyperspace. Frustrating!

Until we know what is going on I'm not going to list anything new just to be on the safe side. I did find an order this morning that eeked its way on through. See? Its random and hard to rely on.

I'll try to visit some blogs before I miss my "window" of opportunity.

Hopefully I'll see you on the upside!


Ms.Daisy said...

Sorry to hear you are still having so many problems. Hope all is fixed very soon!

Ms.Daisy Mau

gail said...

Oh, boy, some days are like that, aren't they? And technology is supposed to make our lives easier. I don't believe it for a second. It's one more complication to add to the mix.
Good luck-it will all come together(eventually).

MJ said...

I know how you feel! We've had ongoing power problems lately which has affected the internet! Perhaps squirrel problems are interfering with internet service?!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Jillian ~
Oh my goodness ! I have been dealing
with that quite a bit for the
last few months on and off ~
Mine is mostly with my emails and it
drives me crazy ~
I hope yours is working again :)