Friday, August 1, 2014

She Read Pinkalicious!

My favorite color has been pink for a long time.

You could say it was the ballet lessons. You could say it was the color my Mother painted the walls in my bedroom when I was a child. But whatever it was... it hasn't left. I still like pink.

It worked out well when God blessed me with a girl. I've seen a LOT of pink the past five to six years.

This past week I took Bebe to the local library to "meet" our famous theme park princess... and you'll never guess what she was wearing...


She read two books to her adoring fans the little girls.
They listened carefully to her every word.
Then she pulled out every little girl's favorite book:
The book that warns you not to eat too many pink treats...
Or else you might turn ten shades of your favorite color.
Which is pink, of course.
Bebe had a great time.
I got a huge kick out of
watching her mannerisms.
She did a great job as a princess!
My favorite photos are the
"meet and greet" poses with Bebe.
Linking to Pink Saturday
(of course!)
Have a great weekend!


Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

good thing your Bebe loves pink too.. enjoy! (didn't know there was a local theme park princess.)

Victorian1885 said...

Bebe is growing up so fast... Pink is and always will be one of my favourite colours. Have a great week Jillian!

Beverly said...

Every girlie girl's dream.♥ How fun! Thanks for sharing. And, Happy Pink Saturday.