Friday, August 8, 2014

A Little Bit of France

A week or so ago Bebe and I went with a friend to see her Mother who lives in a quaint little campsite/village. You may remember my earlier post about where we saw the Fairy Garden.

Her Mother lives in a cute cottage with a wrap around deck, lots of chairs to sit in, and side tables for your iced tea.

When I walked into the kitchen my eye went directly to her Mother's Quimper collection.
(Pronounced ....well, let's see if I can get it correct, I took Italian in high school after all, is it "cam-pair?")

She had a lovely shelf filled with all sorts of pieces.

A large bowl as the centerpiece of her table... and then another china cabinet with teapots, etc.

She said it was a fifth generation set. Meaning, my friend was going to be next to receive it.

What a lovely gift to receive from your family! 

When we were in Paris for our honeymoon, I tried to bring home a couple pieces for my Mom from the marche au puces .... er, flea market. It was tough to find anything without chips, that didn't break the bank. I managed to bring back a couple of bowls and an egg cup.

There is this piece in my latest arrival inventory that looks similar and is marked "Made in France."
 It would definitely be a nice "go along."

Will be back next week with more fun adventures in antiquing!

Have a great weekend!

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