Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shining Up Silver

Now I'll bet when you saw that blog post
title you thought this was going to
be a tutorial on how to shine your silver, right?
Well, I'm actually sharing a makeover today!
It was just one of those things...
you know... you get tired of 
looking at the same
thing over and over again.
Tired of my looking at my master bathroom.
(My husband is worried that he is next!)
I had never really put any thought
into the décor in there... 
Things just went in there
that sort of went together.

Last week, for some reason,
I said, that's it!
And I made a change.
As usual, I forgot to take the before photo.
Anyway, here are some highlights:

It all started with this shower curtain that I found
in the clearance isle of Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
I really liked the silvery design, yet with a hint
of beige...which is what the walls were already painted.
Since I was not in the mood to paint the walls,
this worked out great!
Then from there I went with towels and wall art.
The towels match the shower curtain but
they were not on clearance.
I hardly ever buy towels so I splurged a little.
I am probably the only person who still has
a towel or two from her college days.
No joke!
The Eiffel Tower print
is an homage to our
honeymoon in Paris.
Then I got a bit crazy and spray painted
this wall cabinet.
It used to be an eighties mauve stripe
flanked with hand painted flowers.
It was also a bit crackled
which I did not notice
until the silver dried.
I'm okay with the crackle...
it was the "Tin Man" effect
I wasn't so crazy about.
But it is growing on me.
Then, while the spray paint was
still wet, I grabbed this three
tiered stand and gave
 it a coat or two, too!
I found this at a local furniture
store... when we first moved in
....and have used it only
in my bathroom. It works great
for things that I need in an
easy to reach spot.
It doesn't look as "Tin Man" ish
so I was happy with how
it turned out!

And the last touches
were simple things from K-Mart
believe it or not!
Silver hooks with a bit of bling,
silver mercury style glass
dispenser, toothbrush holder, etc.
I'm so happy in there now!
Enjoy your weekend...
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