Friday, June 20, 2014

Sew Much Summer Fun

We are in the thick of summer vacation.
What to do, what to do?
I've set up a new crafty area due to
the lack of space in my office.
We are having so much fun
in the new space!
I found a "learn to sew" kit
for Bebe to try out.
At first there was a lot of
frustration.... but soon I
heard from her "this is easy!"
And she wanted to try another
project involving sewing.
This is what I love about
summer. All kinds of neat
things to learn that you
just don't try any other
time of year.  And our new
crafty area is really giving
us the space for it.
Will show more of the "nook"
where we are creating in a few
weeks. For now, we're just
two girls crafting!
I'll also be back with my
latest vintage goodies...
(Think vintage holiday!)

1 comment:

Victorian1885 said...

Have a great time over the summer with Bebe.
Before you know it she will be in College!
Can't wait to see more of your craft/office space.