Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Random Vintage

Today I selected a few of my latest
finds to list online.
In one of my Etsy shops.
This pretty pansy bread box is going to
make someone who loves a vintage
kitchen very, very, happy!
I love vintage in the kitchen
but it just won't go
with my LuRay pastels.

I was lucky enough to come across
several pieces of vintage fabric.
This one is amazing in gray, pink,
and green ferns.

I brought these home, purely for
 nostalgia purposes. My Grandmom
and I used to eat ice cream out of
Fire King bowls similar to these.
Ours were just plain jadeite but
these three are adorable!
Is this great or what?
A vintage popcorn container
that turns into a megaphone
when you are done with it!
I love the red,w hite, and blue
patriotic colors for summer holiday

And this? Well, I wouldn't consider
it very vintage but it is so unique and
full of beauty. A glass hand blown
pendant. I'm going to add
coordinating ribbons, one to
this one and there are two more.
Having fun going through
our freshly picked vintage!
How about you... what did you find
recently that you just love?


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