Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Antique Finds: A Sneak Peek

Saturday we all took a trip driving around to local shops.
It took me awhile to find what I needed.
With Bebe hopping around, it is hard to stay focused.

Even so...I found

Oldies but goodies like these:

Sweet bisque doll

A&P Advertising
(Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company)

Vintage Fair Ribbon

Antique children's pool ball set
 And I'm guessing these were part of a child's juggler's set
They look great standing up for display.

 A couple more French things...
Grammaire anyone?

How about Queen Matilda's Tapestry?
Unique French "book" cover
 Wonderfully painted mercury glass ornaments
With handpainted roses!

Pretty little under garments

Also in pink...a moustache cup!

 And some bow napkin rings

There are a few more I have not shown yet...

A fun day when I'm scouring for vintage!

Tell me about your latest finds!


Barbie @Treasure Island Thrift Store said...

Love ALL of these!! I can't wait to see the rest!!

Debbi said...

Loving your finds, especially the ornies!