Wednesday, December 19, 2012

High Tea Time: A Christmas Party

My MOPS group
(Mother's of PreSchoolers)
had a "High Tea" as
our Christmas party
for all of us who
are leading the group
 this year.

What is a "high tea" exactly?
I did find a little info here.
One of our Mom's serves these
types of teas with her Mother.
There were five courses.

The tables were set with
gorgeous centerpieces,
china and teacups.

What to choose?
What to choose?
They had made one of
each kind of EVERYTHING.
Just so we could
 sample it all. 
I've attended "teas" before...
but I'm not sure I've ever
eaten this much food
in one sitting!

We were all having
a great time though!

And I was able to share with
the other Mom's about
what I do when I'm
not trying to keep up
with Dear Bebe.
I also heard about
their china, teacup
collections and other
fun facts that we normally
do not have time to talk
A nice relaxing evening,
shared with other Mom's!
What a blessing!

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