Monday, December 17, 2012

Cookie Baking and Vintage Traditions

Recently a friend and I got together
for a Christmas cookie baking day.
Let me explain.
When she said we could
make cookies I thought,
well, that would probably
be about two hours
and then we'd be done.
She informed me it
was an all day affair.
"All day?" I thought.

You see, I do not come
from a long line
of cookie makers.
My cooking skills far outshine
my baking efforts.
But, living in central Pennsylvania
has an effect on you.
Everyone here bakes.
If you don't,
 you are left out
in the cooooolllldd
of store bought
or package mix
The horrors.
It will make your friends
shudder at the thought.
So, when a friend suggested we make
cookies for fun, I took her up on it.
Why not? I only had more to gain.
Plus, a few dozen cookies to boot.

She brought over half
of her kitchen,
probably fearing the
That I would
have nothing to
bake with!

 Who could blame her?


She had cookie recipes she
brought along, too.
A version from her husband's
family and some recipes
 from when she was a little girl.

What I discovered about cookie baking
day was...
It was about TRADITIONS.
Handing down family
recipes, stories
and memories.
I even used my
Grandmother's old
Pyrex mixing bowl which
made it all come full
 circle for me,
even though I didn't have
a cookie tradition myself.
I did manage to whip up a
tasty batch of SPRITZ
cookies, which were from
my Dear Hubs' family.
What a great day!
And now that we've started
teaching Bebe, it is
something we can
look forward to every year.


Victorian1885 said...

What a great day you must have had. Bebe will enjoy your new tradition in the coming years. Merry Christmas to you & your Family. Take care.

Paulette said...

I am not a big baker myself, but after your inspiring baking post, I'm ready to bake.

Anonymous said...
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