Friday, December 14, 2012

Decking the Halls... And Everything Else

Yes, we've decked the halls...
and just about everything else!
We are set!

This tree has all of the
vintage pink ornaments,
which I wrote about here.

We had one of these cutie old
Santa's when I was a kid.
I'm sure it is older than I am.
Which is getting pretty old!
He's either faded red
or was originally pink!

This tree we found on clearance at Lowe's
last year.
A Martha Stewart, pre lit tree.
We pulled it out of the box
assembled it in a few pieces
and VIOLA! Instant Tree.
We decided to only use gold, silver,
 & white ornaments since the
branches are flocked in gold glitter.

I kind of like it!
Last year we had a
real tree in it's place.

 Speaking of real...
I got out the clippers
and used some natural
green again.

Why not use what you have outdoors?

 So, I snipped off a few branches
here, and few branches there....

  And made this...

 And a couple of these....

While hubby hung some wreaths on the
windows....this one was in the
"before flufffing" stage!

This mantel has been a sore spot
in my home...I've written about it

Probably, lamented, 
is a better word! 

It used to be brown.
My hubby painted it this past
summer thinking I would be
happier with it ivory.
I was not.

I tried to hide it under the

Didn't work too well.

Maybe next year's
Christmas post
I can brag about
the NEW mantel
in it's place.

And here are a few baubles on
our new wreath,
found during the same
clearance sale last year
as the tree!
And last but not least,
here is something pink I found
while shopping this week!
What won't they
make in pink now?
A feminine tool carrying
caddy...except I think
I had a vision for it being
used for crafty stuff!
Linking to Pink Saturday!
Ho Ho Ho!


Tara said...

Very pretty! Love that pink tool tote. happy Pink Saturday!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

For a artifical tree that turned out gorgeous!

MJ said...

Gorgeous tree! I bet Bebe is so used to being around vintage items that she'll leave it alone now! Our little Gracie was seen zipping down the stairs with one of my hand-painted wooden ornaments in her mouth! Good thing we left the non-breakable ornaments within her reach! (See Gracie on my last post...)

Merry Xmas!

The Checkered Apple said...

You're trees look great Jillian! Wishing you and yours a memorable and safe holiday season.

dana said...

Your house looks BEAUTIFUL, Jillian!! Sadly, mine didn't get too decked out this year, but I love the things I did put out! Our real tree was the best one ever!

I loved catching up on a few of your posts. My life has been so busy this year (mostly bad busy)...that my blogging and blog visiting has been pretty minimal. I am putting "an increase of blogging/visiting" on my list of 2013 goals.....along with running a half marathon in October!! Yeah..that's what I said! :) There are five of us (three others my age and a youngster in her late 50s ) who are wanting to do that. I've already signed save a big amount of money..and to seriously make the commitment.

I can't believe it's NYear's Eve already..where did 2012 go? I wish you and yours a wonderful new year, Jillian!!

L, Dana