Friday, August 3, 2012

A Sneak Peek & What We've Been Up To

It was slim pickin's at my favorite
flea this past week.

I like what I found..the vintage
Chanel No 5 bottle
and lace shoes.
There just
wasn't much else
 that I liked.


This collection of vintage pennants
was fun to pick up.

I'm torn about keeping some of them
They would make great
 lake house decor!

Especially in the kid's room.

And what have we been up to?

We surprised Bebe with
a trip to a popular
amusement park
in our area.

She was very excited!

In fact, she was tickled

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LV said...

Good sales around here are hard to find. One reason, it is too hot to have them. You will come up with a great idea for the banners with the children. said...

Slim but pretty1 The pennants would look good at the Lake House! Bebe is such a doll! Rachael xo

EJ said...

How lovely!

My PINK, your comment is always highly appreciated! Have a great weekend.