Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Lovin'

What's not to love about summer?
My favorite time of the year.

We've already played in the lake.
It's so fun and relaxing we
tend to lose track of time there.

Not a bad thing during
Good 'ol summertime!
Rode in a barrel car at a local
Dairy Farm festival.
Mommy was given a free cookbook.
Can't wait to try out some
of the new recipes. 

And we even swam like fishies
with my local Mommy's group.

(That's Bebe with the yellow swim ring
I'm taking the photo)

We are blessed to
have so many wonderful
friends, places to go,
and things to do around us!

How are you enjoying your summer?


The Checkered Apple said...

Your summer sounds so relaxing and fun! Enjoy yourselves, as I'm sure you know how fast it will fly by!

gail said...

Hi all looks so summery and fun. Nothing like summer when your little ones are small....